Section 102 – Rules of construction

In this title—

(1) “after notice and a hearing”, or a similar phrase—

(A) means after such notice as is appropriate in the particular circumstances, and such opportunity for a hearing as is appropriate in the particular circumstances; but

(B) authorizes an act without an actual hearing if such notice is given properly and if—

(i) such a hearing is not requested timely by a party in interest; or

(ii) there is insufficient time for a hearing to be commenced before such act must be done, and the court authorizes such act;

(2) “claim against the debtor” includes claim against property of the debtor;

(3) “includes” and “including” are not limiting;

(4) “may not” is prohibitive, and not permissive;

(5) “or” is not exclusive;

(6) “order for relief” means entry of an order for relief;

(7) the singular includes the plural;

(8) a definition, contained in a section of this title that refers to another section of this title, does not, for the purpose of such reference, affect the meaning of a term used in such other section; and

(9) “United States trustee” includes a designee of the United States trustee.